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We all get a blank canvas in life, How will you turn your's into a masterpiece. 👣 Adelaide. #NBHT ⛪️ Snapchat : 👁zefroniac👁 Z Find me here ⚫⚪

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Thug Life niggaz don't play that shit, cause Thug Life niggaz are the craziest...
Laugh now, Laugh later ☠👣
The realezt ☠
Walk amongst Gods ☠👣
Study yourself, more than anyone else.
Time for change ☠👣
Time for change ☠
Gods Gifted Son
If we all focus on oneselfs ambitions & forgot about the rest of the noise from the outside world, we could all be better individuals, achieving better things in life, the way we want.
Only the deserving ones shall be blessed with my greatness
It ain't about East or West, it's about bitches & niggaz, riders & punks, power & money... Which side are you on?
Soar like a eagle 🦅
Time for change ☠
Nothing But A Gangsta Party  Check out the new NBHT
2pacalypse NOW
Float like a butterfly, Sting like a Bee 🦋🐝 NBHT
I just taught y'all how to roll a blunt, now y'all take it to the next nigga & teach him.  If i see you smoking that white SHIT, imma be HOT
Time for change ☠