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We all get a blank canvas in life, How will you turn your's into a masterpiece. 👣 Adelaide. #NBHT ⛪️ Snapchat : 👁zefroniac👁 Z Find me here ⚫⚪

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You should ride... Unless you want to die?
Screenshot to add my snapchat  There's always something 😈😇
On fire tonight at the @armadamusic HQ with @arminvanbuuren rocking #asot836 & much more
I see dead people #tbt
Holla if ya hear me
Float like a butterfly, Sting like a Bee 🦋🐝 NBHT
Gooodmorning ☉
This is how we gon do This... Fuck biggie, fuck badboy as a staff label and as a Motherfuckun crew. So if you want to be down with Badboy, then FUCK YOU TO.  Badboy killerz. No one realer.
I'm taking back whats mine 🖕
Melodies start in the head 🌠
So i was 21 this weekend. Heres a photo of me last week in the studio before i cut my Pablo Escobar moustache off. Ill show you the fresh look this week ✌
My birthday is on Friday the 13th 😈
Ladies, Please, form a line... #tbt
Float like a butterfly, Sting like a Bee 🦋🐝 NBHT
Look into my eyes Girl, because all i think about, is YOU 😇❤ Hope you think the same way to
I'm not lost, it's just my path is not for you.. Destiny is calling 🌠
Pablo called 📞 He wants.... Sorry your call cant be taken. Please leave a message after the
My weekends are for hustle. Because 99% of others are to busy partying or focused entirely on things that really don't matter. You watch, you follow  #watchthisspace