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💣💋Blowing virtual kisses🌈✌🏼️


🕶🔞All Original Content © ⚡️By Amber, London ⚡️

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Weekend plans 🚢
Apologies to A.A.Milne 🍯
Cat went back 2 skool to leave a note 📚
💫The lifespan of a mayfly is 24 hours 💫
im 99% sure this is medically accurate 💊
Fucks were often lost on Fridays in the magical wood 💫
*gnashes teeth* 🍷
🎅🏽Me mum wanted chrissy cards so i made sum chrissy cards now ive got loads of the buggers😑Packs of 10 assorted in me etsy store if ya fancy sending ya rellos slightly inappropriate messages 😈 (link in bio! free flies on the wall zine wiv every order coz ive got loads of those feckers too 😂)
🦋Muhammad Ali is sloths favrit boxer🐝
finders keepers, losers weepers 🌵
Showering every day is ambitious 💦
Dogs be like 👴🏼
Feelin Elated, Semi-Naked 👋🏻
Koalaa says ssssh ya bad face he cloud watchin🌿🐨
lie back & tell me about your funky dreams i promise im not judging how weird you are or planning what im having for dinner yeah? nice 🍴
⚡️how the arse hole of the week was invented ⚡️
splash splash monkey stomp kiss puddles booooo 👣
i want a dragon for crismas 🔥
oh hiiiiiiii ✌🏽
Cat made dis sign for ya to give to any man, woman, politician, celebrity, monster etc that dont understand basic rules of consent ☝🏽